The Arts

Art and craft are skilled abilities. Much can be acquired through practice and liking to experiment with artwork. There are various branches in arts like canvas painting, nib strokes, pencil sketching, charcoal painting and much more. Pottery and candle making is also taken up as studying activity. Enroll in sculpture classes to hone your talent. One could also take up Easter projects or invest books in paper folding techniques known as Origami. Get into the basics of kid fun by painting a wall or carpentry by making a doll house.

Salute The Artists

Eleven renowned artists and their works. Welcome to the online museum

Bronze sculptures

Another Truman Show with splendid works on bronze. The sculptures are unique to horses justifying his place of birth ( in a ranch).

Kid fun

Learn about abstract art, make your dollhouse, paint a still life picture and welcome to the jungle too!


Learn to potter around and feel the clay with online tutorials. Start your masterpiece now.

Easter Projects

Join the fun of vacations with workshops online. Make a collage, Make a bunny from a grocery bag.


interior designer

Interior designing site.


Learn caricature and surprise your parents with gifts on their wedding anniversary.