Science experiments are not just limited to school practicals. There is science in each aspect of life. Chlorophyll gives the green colour to the leaves. Oxygen is just a major component about air. Is cloning legal? The sky is blue and why do stars twinkle. Aliens from Mars. Learn about internal body parts, their functions and ailments. Learn about genetics. Balance chemical equations the easy way. Understand physics better.


Meet Dolly the sheep! How cloning works? About genetics?

Human Anatomy

Understand the job of glands, what is lymph, how many bones you have and all about yourself under the skin.

Life in Mars

Scientists are exploring living concepts in Mars? Find the latest findings. What is Mars made of?


A fun way to learn balance chemical equations. Easy pull down menus as you play.

Easy On Science

All your science questions answered. Why is the sky blue? Metric conversions. How batteries work?