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6 years old and a child encounters his first day at school. That’s the norm every child has to follow in India. There are different types of school to cater to the various needs of parents. Some are full days, some are half days and some are residential. Residential schools in India have boarding and lodging so the kids do not meet their parents except for the holidays. These types of school runs on the concept of compete grooming. As students stay with their peers around teachers they are groomed from every dimension.

Another name for them would be boarding schools, where boarding is available for students. Boarding schools in India are a bit expensive as parents are charged for books, food, lodging facilities, maintenance etc. But these schools also help in all round development of the child.

With the number of NRI individuals increasing in India, solutions have to be drawn up for the education of their children. As their kids ultimately prefer foreign countries for higher education they need an upper hand on scholastics. Hence schools for NRI kids in India have been set up. Corporates have ventured in setting up preschools in India. They have affiliations with leading preschool consultants making the standards of preschool learning at it’s best. A few NRI schools that have an established name include Dhirubhai Ambani Academy, Ecole Mondiale and The American School..

Preschool Education has come into such high focus in today’s time that everybody wants to take a step ahead and study. Curriculum development for preschools plays an important role.

Distance education in India solves the trials of such students. Here students can register themselves for a particular course, fill in the form, collect the student material and study from the comfort of their homes. Only during exams will they have to attend the specified exam centers. Many universities and private institutions have availed this facility to students. So that they can make their dreams come true, not at the cost of quitting their jobs.

Another profession that is gaining ground is the hotel industry. Here chefs are highly in demand for creating innovative food items and serving their best to please individual taste buds. Some of the cooking schools in India that have always been in the forefront are Dadar Catering College, Sophia Polytechnic and Institute of Hotel Management located in Aurangabad.

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