National Flag of India

When an Indian sees the Indian national flag there is a sense of integrity and pride that runs through his blood. This is the patriotic feeling the flag has imbibed in every Indian. Add to it the national song – Jana Gana Mana and every person is an attention position, freezing themselves to respect the country’s flag and anthem.

Today every country has a national and is depicted by something which is inherent to the county. It brigs a sense of pride when one sees the Indian flag fluttering among other national flags. So be it at the Olympic Games or the World Cup, one sees the Indian flag and feels proud of their brethren that have entered the contest on behalf of the nation.

Sometimes you see spectators at a cricket match swaying the Indian flag when a cricketer has hit a four or a six or taken a wicket. And on Independence Day 15th august you will see the Indian flag hoisting everywhere. In schools, colleges and even in private institutions.

The meaning of the Indian flag stems from the talks Jawaharlal Nehru had with Gandhiji. It was Nehru’s idea that the flag should be horizontal, but it was Gandhiji’s idea that the flag should sport the tri-colour with the ashoka chakra in the centre.

If you want to know more about the India flag then read on. It was first to be red and green sporting the colour of Hindus and Muslims. But then the non-communal thought arised where no colour would represent any religion but it would infact represent the country as a whole.

So the country flag of India was decided to have saffron on the top that represented the sacrifice the freedom fighters undertook. White represented peace while green represented faith. The centre charka is that of Ashoka who was a king that renounced his entire wealth. The chakra has 24 spokes like the 24 hours of a day. It speaks to the masses as to always keep working. Time is precious.

The Indian flag has been the same since it was hoisted on Independence Day and will be the same for years to come as it instills in us responsibility and pride that we are the citizens of one of the best country and better is yet to come.

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