Indian Dresses

Every country has a national dress like it is the kimono in china, it is the sari for women and pyjama kurta for men. It is this dressing sense that had evolved centuries ago and is still being draped in the same fashion.

However over a period of time they have metamorphosed into modern stunning outfits. It is the same old sari but you get it in kanjivaram, south silk, cotton, polyester mixed cotton and other material combinations. The Indian modern traditional dresses also include the salwar khameez for women. Although it is worn in most parts of the country, northern India sees a dedicated clientele towards it.

Today salwar khameez has re-altered itself to look more smart and comfortable. The kurta has gone shorter, the salwar more tighter like leggings, or it could be loose like the patiala style. All in all the new salwar khameez is now one of the party wear Indian dresses.

Infact the metropolitan citizens of India are so head on with that they have embraced the western culture of pants, skirts and shirts. You find women as well as men wearing pants and shirts. The underlying tone being somber and formal. It can be worn to office or a party. It is comfortable and hassle free while traveling.

Skirts too are coming into vogue. Keeping with the society in India, most of the girls avoid mini or short skirts. Midi skirts that are flared, wrap-around and pleated are in fashion. Recently batik prints had taken the market by storm, now the warli art are in fashion. From the young to the old you can see every modern Indian wearing the new styles that are in the market. They are even more brand conscious wearing only the best that some brands can offer.

Men in towns too have taken up to readymade garments like trousers and denim. They wear suits or blazers like those in the west for formal occasions. For a wedding or special occasion the Indian ceremonial dress for men would be the western three-piece suit or the traditional sherwani, dhoti kurta or the custom of that religion would weigh its couture on the individuals. For instance it could be lungi-shirt for the south Indians. Similarly for women the sari, ghaghara choli or lehenga are a few of the dresses that are selectively worn for auspicious occasions.

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