The tolerance towards religion about India is amazing. The number of religions, sects and sub castes refer to each state yet culminating in a united Indian spirit. Christmas and Diwali is celebrated by all. The Indian patriotic fervor is cherished with the attaining of free India in 1947 and striving towards a developed nation. Whether beauty or sports Indians all over the global map. The beauty of India is truly brought out by preserving the rich heritage and standards set by tradition. Festivals, melas and religious sanctity is practiced with delight. Indian cuisine is now common abroad.

Liberal India

Western influences were seen even during the pre independence era in India. Learn about the liberal tradition of India. Learn how the Government is an acceptable institution in India. Modernizing the Indian society was flagged off with the works of Raja Ram Mohan Roy.


Visit these sites for a list of baby names with their meanings. Modern, traditional and not so common names with your choice. Learn about names in other religions and also about unique ones.


Know the exotic places in Goa. See the Taj Mahal and the beauty of the hills. Visit the temples of the South and the deserts of Rajashtan. Revel in the luxury of traditional motels and savour Indian food.


Learn about ayurveda, the basic principles, History and cure of diseases,. Simple applicable facts, original scriptures and treatment. Visit the hub for encyclopedia and ayurvedic scriptures.

Indian Musical Instruments

Know about the list of percussion instruments, blow air ones, plucked string instruments and the types of Tabla. Understand the suppliers of these instruments and how they are used in Hindustani and Carnatic sangeet.