Child Labour in India

It is a common sight in the villagers to see children taking care of the younger siblings, drawing water from the well and transporting load. Additionally they forego their studies and diet to help their parents with agriculture, wood cutting or sawing. Small scale industries go unchecked for employing little children in fireworks assembling, silk weaving, paint and dye making and welding.

Child labour is a common sight  in India. Urban housings have several children employed as servants, hotels employ under aged kids to serve and clean the hotels. Maids and helpers are easily employed with cheap salaries in urban homes. This section extols the facts about Indian child labour, Indian NGO organizations working to eradicate it, compilation of research and books on the same cause.

Law of India

The intricate rules to protect under aged children to work in hazardous environment. Litigations and other penalties when found employing child labour. About Labour policy, Indus project in collaboration with USA. Budget allocation and National child labour projects all over India. Process for eradication of child labour.

Child labour India: what is child labour, bonded child labour

Learn about child labour which is happening in India.  Labour in children is prohibited by law.

Research Work

A statistical compilation of data of where children in the age group of 5 to 14 work. Where they are employed and what circumstances. You tube pictures related to child labour.

Books And Literature

Books telling facts about child labour in India. Employment law and its violation. Seven chapters written by the author Ashad Ahmed brings out the severity of the problem, the callousness of all employers and the depth of the child labour employment.

Girl child India

Dedicated to the girl child